Author: Alexander B. Joy

Alexander B. Joy holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He lives and works in his native New Hampshire, where he spends his leisure time reading philosophy and writing haiku. Joy is a 2020-21 Critical Read Blogging Fellow.

How To Objectively Identify Beauty

Blogging Fellows, Feature, Performance, The Art of Thinking

A philosopher explains the importance of form and freedom in aesthetics, juggling included.
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Can Sports Be an Aesthetic Experience?

Blogging Fellows, Reported, The Art of Thinking

Contingency and unpredictability can elevate a football game into a kind of theater.
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What Does Platonic Form Have to Do with Art?

Blogging Fellows, In-Depth, The Art of Thinking, Visual Art

Photographs stage a confrontation between the idea of an object and its representation, and demonst…
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What Is Aesthetics? An Introduction to ‘The Art of Thinking’

Blogging Fellows, Commentary, In-Depth, The Art of Thinking

“If you’ve ever asked yourself why a particular painting is considered beautiful, or whether …
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