Author: Caitlin Lorraine Johnson

Caitlin Lorraine Johnson’s writing has also appeared in Bookforum, The Adroit Journal, and the Leveler. She is currently based in Santa Fe. Johnson is a 2020-21 Critical Read Blogging Fellow.

Agnes Martin in Coenties Slip

Blogging Fellows, In Residence, In-Depth, Visual Art

“The work is so far from perfection because we ourselves are so far from perfection … That is why art work is so very hard. It is a working through of disappointments and a growing recognition of failure to the point of defeat. But still one wakes in the morning and there is the inspiration and one goes on.”
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Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico

Essay, First Person, Visual Art

Lessons from a master in living with beauty: Georgia O’Keeffe’s home beckons for a 15-hour drive across the American Southwest.
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