Author: Deborah Kostianovsky

Deborah Kostianovsky, M.D., M.L.A. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has been in practice for thirty years, and recently transitioned to writing about art. She holds a Masters of Liberal Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on philosophy of aesthetics, art history, and comparative literature. Kostianovsky is a 2020-21 Critical Read Blogging Fellow.

Staying Afloat

Art and Mind, Blogging Fellows, Feature, Visual Art

One of the first paintings of the Arctic landscape offers lessons in fortitude and resilience.
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The Monster Within

Art and Mind, Blogging Fellows, First Person, Visual Art

Psychiatrist and art critic Deborah Kostianovsky explains why she can’t turn away from a port…
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Between Parlors and Oceans

Art and Mind, Blogging Fellows, In-Depth, Visual Art

Edward Hopper’s ‘Rooms by the Sea’ captures the psychic tension resulting from co…
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