Photo in a Yearbook

Blogging Fellows, Feature, Trains in the Basement

What does the world look like from a nonlinear point of view?
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When the Bug is the Feature

Blogging Fellows, Feature, The Art of Thinking, Visual Art

Glitch artists remind us that the limit of the quantification of art is the banal.
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A Beat of His Own

Ebook, Feature, Music

Our newest Artwork Biography comes from musicologist Rebecca Bodenheimer.
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Staying Afloat

Art and Mind, Blogging Fellows, Feature, Visual Art

One of the first paintings of the Arctic landscape offers lessons in fortitude and resilience.
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Family Portrait

Essay, Feature, First Person, Visual Art

Portraits of distant relatives survive a married couple’s home reorganization, the subjects’ friendship in life an inspiration for the future.
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Art Is Essential November 2020

Art Is Essential, Feature

Writers on the art that matters to them. #ArtIsEssential
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Announcing The Creative Block Essay Contest – Open Now Through December 21 – DEADLINE EXTENDED

Editor's Note, Feature

We are seeking previously unpublished personal essays up to 2,000 words about the creative endeavor that you paused.
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The Artist’s Home Undone

Ebook, Feature, Visual Art

A collaborative image threatens the relationship between artist and muse.
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An Open House

Ebook, Feature, Theater

America’s pioneer political drama saw the nation falling short of its ideals. Almost one hundred years later, the play is more relevant than ever.
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Architecture, Ebook, Feature, Public Art

A conceptual design for a war memorial prioritizes the individual over the community, upending a centuries-old architectural language.
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