The Sound of Jeanne Lee’s Voice

Blogging Fellows, Feature, Music, Vanguard Voices

Jeanne Lee (1939-2000) was a poet and vocalist of wide-ranging musical talents who pushed the formal boundaries of jazz to create emotional soundscapes of wordless melodies.

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Snow in the Concert Hall

Blogging Fellows, Essay, First Person, Music, Trains in the Basement

Composers John Cage and R. Murray Schafer sculpt sound into moments that evade on-demand consumption. What can we learn from sound that...

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Vanguard Voices

Blogging Fellows, Music, Reported, Vanguard Voices

"If creative music is under celebrated and under documented compared to other eras in jazz, the women who played a role in the music are...

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Begin at the End

Music, Reported, The Revisionary

Ken Thomson exemplifies a new generation of composers tasked with picking up the pieces of music history.

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To Bobby, With Love

Essay, First Person, Music, Theater

The last single person among her friends, a young woman recognizes herself in Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’....

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Tuning In

Interview, Music, Reported

Conrad Winslow on the interdisciplinary inspiration behind his work, feeling the music, and the 21st-century taste for disjunction....

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New Resonance

Interview, Music, Reported

Mariel Roberts explains how new music opens ears, and minds.

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